So, we are four (counting this one) posts into this blog and we know one thing for sure – I am an infrequent blogger. At best. I have hopes to remedy that fact. First step – publish a blog post at least once a week.

Since my last post (ahem – in November), Margot turned one! She is still the crazy, loud, intense child that she’s been since birth. If Godzilla and a¬†velociraptor (totally had to Google the spelling on that one) had a baby, that baby would be Margot. That is why we love her.


Speaking of kids getting older…Eloise starts kindergarten in two weeks! Agh! She is so beyond ready. Me…not so much. She will rock kindergarten. I have no doubt that she is ready and it will be amazing to watch her learn and grow and get even more awesome. But my mama heart is still aching over this milestone. That’s the whole point though, right? To create and teach and raise humans that no longer need you. I still wish there was a pause button sometimes.



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